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Large organizations have technology teams responsible for architecting, deploying, and maintaining information systems and environments in support of organizational strategy. They face a staggering array of complexities and challenges in pursuit of helping their organization succeed.


These are fundamentally characterized as:

Securing the organization's data and information infrastructure from threats

Defining and implementing technology standards across the enterprise

Implementing new technology to work with legacy systems in non-intrusive ways

Supporting complex lines of business where specialized knowledge and solution elements are required and scarce

Successfully completing mission critical projects in short timeframes

Coordinating and integrating data and business rules among multiple Systems of Record

Contending with uncontrolled shadow systems surrounding core Systems of Record

Producing business intelligence from transactional data

Maintaining legacy production systems


We are software developers, architects, and engineers specializing in building system of record platforms for others to deploy and use. Our most productive relationships and solutions are with organizations having technology teams who:

Operate under the complexities and challenges described

Are actively involved as partners with their organization's line of business teams

Want to leverage the expertise of service providers who are focused in a particular vertical niche applicable to their organization

Are open to a "buy and build" strategy for deploying and maintaining mission critical applications over the web


Technology teams who evaluate 3rd party solutions to meet business needs properly focus on:

Experience in delivering value to organizations of similar size and scope

How well the solution fits within the organization's present and future technology architecture

How secure, scalable, configurable, and extensible are the solutions provided

Integration capabilities

Effort required to maintain and apply upgrades

Track record for investing in research and development


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