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Primarily, we use our platform solutions to help financial institutions with specialty business application needs. Warehouse Providers who manage secured credit/purchase facilities use our solutions to monitor collateral, fund asset transactions, integrate with accounting systems, and enforce terms of facility agreements. Document Custodians holding collateral for asset backed securities use our solutions to perform safekeeping, certification, and document handling services for millions of assets..



Specialty business models have unique data requirements, business rules, conventions, terminology, and processes not well supported in traditional lending or document tracking applications. Yet, all business teams want familiar benefits available in applications used on an enterprise scale.


They include:

Administrative Tools

Work Staging and Task Engines

Extraction, Transformation, and Load Tools

Direct Integration with Excel

Automated Report Distribution

E-mail Notification of Events

Role-Based User Interface

Data Reconciliation Tools

Data Analysis Tools

Branding Tools

Search Tools

Secure File Transfer


We design, build and support custom System of Record Applications for specific vertical niche businesses using a platform approach that makes these enterprise scale capabilities available for niche business models to create compelling business value.



Mobile Workforce

Workers can be productive from anywhere that an internet connection is available. Access can be granted to an authorized person wherever they work from.

Configurability and Customer Self Sufficiency

Business experts on your team can modify the user interface, and define business rules that match your business requirements. We strive to remove all artificial dependencies on us, and make you as self-sufficient as possible.

Shared Office Environment

Our applications are deployed to our customer's customer for the purpose shifting workload associated with inquiries, service requests, performing work, running reports, or extracting data for local use. This means that service provider costs (our customer) can be reduced, shifted, and shared among parties in a relationship for mutual benefit. Their customers are willing to participate in this arrangement because it provides distinct benefits for them (access to their data, and ability to make audited service requests by themselves).


Organizations acquire and retain customers by competing real time over the web through analytic and transaction services that make it easy for their customers to do business with them.


Using automation, integration, and Customer Self Service in a contextually effective manner enables an operation to expand customers and transaction volume much faster than the rate than legacy models heavy in labor content.


Using secure methods of exchanging information, and well formed transaction logs, a business can effectively measure compliance with business rules in all transactions, and detect and prevent violations in business information policies.

About Us

We are a U.S. owned and U.S. based software development and professional services firm. We provide all of our services on-shore from our main office location in Amherst NY.

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