Secure File Exchange


Protecting information in transit and at rest is a top priority for organizations conducting business over the web. Firms operating in regulated industries such as banking have developed rigorous standards for storing and transmitting information. Business information commonly stored in files and transmitted over the web is vulnerable to improper disclosure, or worse. Businesses want methods for transmitting and storing file-based information that meet security standards and remain practical for business users.


Files can be securely transmitted using the MBMS Secure File Exchange. This component is embedded in deployed MBMS applications. It enables our customers to implement a secure file transmission capability with their customers. The Secure File Exchange does not require digital certificates to install or manage.

The Secure File Exchange allows files of any type to be uploaded to it, stored, accessed, retrieved, opened, downloaded, moved, or deleted. Virtual folder schemas can be configured for restricted use by selected users or user groups.

Use Case Scenarios


  • Secure File Upload of documents, spreadsheets, images, system generated reports
  • Secure File Download of documents, spreadsheets, images, system generated reports

  • Simulate Inbound File Drop from external systems
  • Simulate Outbound File Drop to external systems
  • Generate Report Output to Secure File Exchange Folder
  • Coordinate File location with business processing (Pending, Completed, Error)
  • Notification to parties upon file event

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