MBMS Electronic Mortgage Vault


Electronic Mortgage Vaults are relatively new tools to help lenders who are now able to create legally binding financial assets using electronic documents in place of paper documents. Where eNotes are used for mortgage loan closings, operational requirements, policies, information systems, operating controls, and best practices are being reformed under the guidance of MISMO standards. Workflow and related controls shift from paper/person based to electronic/automated. For the foreseeable future, while adoption of eNotes accelerates, the underlying business model will remain largely the same, but with a combination of paper and electronic documents to be managed, creating a hybrid document tracking scenario.

For mortgage loan transactions using eNotes, the MERS eRegistry is the single recognized registry for meeting UETA requirements. Anyone having a legal interest in an eNote will be registered with the MERS eRegistry.


The mbms electronic vault (MBMS EV) is an application designed to hold eNotes and to integrate with other mbms systems of record pertaining to the status of an eNote. The MBMS EV has been tested and is MERS eRegistry certified. The MBMS EV is used primarily by document custodians who utilize other mbms systems of record and who also hold eNotes (or any other electronic document).

    The MBMS EV Solution:

  • is a standalone, web-based application that manages the complete lifecycle of eNotes for a document custodian
  • is a MISMO compliant eMortgage vault
  • integrates with the MERS eRegistry and supports eDelivery
  • supports all MERS eRegistry transactions
  • integrates with emBTRUST

Use Case Scenarios

    Programs Supported

  • Fannie Mae MBS program
  • Freddie Mac PC program
  • Ginnie Mae MBS program
  • Private Label MBS programs
  • Warehouse Facilities
  • Internal Records Management
  • Post Closing Document Tracking
    Processing Scenarios

  • Initial Certification
  • Final Certification
  • Recertification upon Transfer
  • Note Reconciliation
  • Vault
  • Payoff Requests
  • Hybrid-Document Assets
  • Image-Based Document Review
  • eNote-Based Document Review

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