Image Repository Integration


Corporate Image repositories are common in large scale enterprises to reduce physical storage requirements, and improve the value of information stored on paper documents by providing inexpensive access electronically to authorized users. Imaging systems are usually accessed and used through encapsulated application interfaces and subject to independently managed permissions. At the same time, the image repository is not the System of Record. The System of Record is the place where business transactions are performed. If images exist in relation to that work, then the work effort is enhanced by having integrated access to those images through the System of Record.


Our imaging integration solutions provide methods for linking MBMS application data to images stored in an external repository, and for fetching those images from within an MBMS application. Since MBMS applications are deployed over the web, these images can be access by any authorized user of an MBMS application. Access to images is subject to access to the System of Record data to which the image is linked. Our Automation Package solution can be utilized to automate the process of linking newly scanned documents registered in the imaging system with newly created portfolio records created in an MBMS System of Record.

Use Case Scenarios

  • Customer Self-Service in performing research
  • Document Review workflow
  • Audit and compliance workflow

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