Flexible Reporting Architecture


Effective reporting solutions must be easy to use, integrated with the system of record, extensible, scalable and customizable.


MBMS-rendered reports require no additional licensing or use of 3rd party products for report generation. These include:

  • Excel Template Reports: The default reporting technique utilizes Excel Templates. Here, the report stored procedure result sets are rendered directly to user defined Excel Templates stored in MBMS application database. This technique, takes advantage of widespread knowledge of Excel among users and integration of Microsoft products and tool sets to create an intuitive and interactive reporting experience.
  • MBMS Extract Engine: Uses of MBMS Data Sets for defining custom output formats generally targeted for data exchanges with external and internal parties or systems. Creates XML, TSV and CSV output.
  • XSLT: Uses XML standards to produce very rich presentations to screen, PDF, or HTML without the use of a 3rd party reporting engine.

3rd party reporting tools can be integrated with MBMS applications under appropriate licensing arrangements.

  • Microsoft SQLServer Reporting Services (SSRS): produce highly formatted output but are not rendered directly by the MBMS Application.
  • Other Reporting Tools: can be supported by developing custom plug-in adapters.

All reporting solutions are based on configurable, parameterized selection criteria implemented through the MBMS application that feed stored procedures to render results. Output options include: PDF, Excel, Word, XML, html, and ASCII CSV/TSV.

Use Case Scenarios

  • Report Preview
  • Data Extract
  • Publications

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