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Our applications aim to reflect the business models they support, which are often complex. Challenges exist to adequately depict business processes in any application along lines of user interface, terminology, business rules, access restrictions to customer data, tasks, reports, and branding. Additional complexities arise pertaining to security policy, and database administration. Organizations want all of these characteristics to be both configurable and controlled, and to be able to make changes while avoiding formal software change management processes where possible. Our applications are designed with a heavy emphasis on data driven business rules, user interface elements, configuration settings, and entitlements. As the range of data driven solution elements increases to meet business requirements, parallel solutions are needed to ensure that tools are available to help administrators manage those increasingly configurable elements.


The Admin Toolkit ("ATK") is an application used by system administrators, database administrators, and analysts who support their line of business partner. ATK is a collection of tools and capabilities encapsulated in an application framework separate from the end user client, with its own separate scheme for access and entitlements to its features. This tool is used to control the following system administration aspects:

  • Configuring the system
  • Administering permissions
  • Setting up business rules, customers and accounts
  • Managing metadata controlling user interface, branding, reports, tasks and menus
  • Archiving and Obfuscating Data
  • Managing migration of metadata from test to production environments
  • Configuring automated workflows, and virtual folders for Secure File Exchange
  • Configuring integration settings for image integration, electronic vault
  • Configuring data transformation rules for inbound files submitted for routine tasks

Using these business support capabilities, delivered through our .NET solution architecture that we use for all of our systems, we help our customers become increasingly self-sufficient in implementing and managing change in their System of Record, as their business requirements change.

Use Case Scenarios

  • Create personalized User Workbench for a selected Role
  • Modify terminology in the User Interface
  • Create custom views and forms for a selected User Group
  • Monitor concurrent usage
  • Clone/ Modify permissions across User Groups
  • Audit permissions for all function points
  • Clone/Modify Business rules across accounts
  • Import codes from Excel
  • Setup automated workflow to archive transaction data
  • Setup automated workflow to purge work tables
  • Audit changes made to settings, domain tables, forms
  • Package metadata changes and apply them to production systems
  • Lock out users
  • Force password changes on selected users
  • Post a broadcast message to all logged in users
  • Create obfuscated and pared down versions of large data sets for test purposes

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