Professional Services

We provide a range of services to support our solutions for both technology teams and their business partners. Because of the complexity and interdependencies among our distributed software platform, highly configurable metadata, the technology environment, and custom business requirements, we are organized to help customers in the following ways:

  • To identify, address and resolve problems quickly
  • To assist customers make scheduled changes to supporting technologies
  • To complete projects
  • To convert data onto new platforms
  • To provide custom software solutions
  • To update and upgrade our software solutions
  • To provide technical and use case guidance
  • To manage change in a highly regulated industry

We provide the following range of services:

Maintenance and Support Services

We operate under service level agreements with each customer to deliver support services appropriate to their needs, including help desk, knowledgebase, source code escrow and response time guarantees. We have an experienced staff available during business hours and off-business hours to receive requests for assistance and to provide that assistance quickly.

Implementation and Education Services

We use a professional services structure of implementation, using a cross-disciplined team of Solution Architects, Software Developers, and Implementation Specialists and Project Managers. This team remains bound to each project until after the project is completed, performing all services required in the project plan. We make use of collaboration technologies and MBMS-hosted environments to accelerate exposure of solutions to customers during software development, and for formal training and testing. Implementation services include configuration of business rules and metadata, user interface design, report development and customization, training, testing, documentation, and delivery. We utilize a virtual service delivery platform for all of these services that substantially eliminates travel costs and maximizes convenience and ability to coordinate project participants to engage in events from wherever they happen to be.

Software Development Services

Medium and large scale implementations commonly include software development activities to meet specific customer objectives. We will modify any aspect of our solutions to meet customer requirements. Our software developers, engineers, and architects are involved in all custom development work from the beginning of requirements analysis through acceptance of solutions in a production environment, and beyond.

We utilize collaboration technologies during the software development lifecycle to illustrate solutions and progress to customers including proof of concept, pre-testing, and delivery readiness.

Data Services

All of our solutions are centered on data-based applications. We have certified Database Administrators along with Solution Architects to evaluate, configure, and convert data from legacy environments to MBMS solutions. Data conversion activities will involve multiple iterations and customer testing prior to implementation in a production environment. We make all data conversion logic and code available to customers for their inspection.

Technical Consulting Services

Our solutions are implemented by our customers in a variety of environments, under a variety of use case scenarios, sometimes with very large portfolios and concurrent users, and often requiring integration with a variety of other internal and external systems. We provide technical consultative services to help customers meet requirements for deployment, security, and application performance. These consultative services are delivered in the form of structured engagements to assist or lead efforts for configuration, installation, performance testing, penetration testing, system integration, single signon, and source code reviews.

Business Consulting Services

We offer the benefit of our experience to all customers upon request to assist with efforts to improve business processes and to address management objectives affecting operations currently supported by our solutions or in anticipation of implementing our solutions. These services are delivered in the form of structured engagements focused on reducing labor content, optimizing business processes, and characterizing business rules into forms that can then be implemented and embedded in MBMS database applications. Business Consulting Services are commonly delivered jointly with Technical Consulting Services under master services agreements on an ongoing basis with customers.

Project Management Services

Successful implementation projects are always the result of a joint effort among multiple teams, consisting of management sponsors, project managers, technical teams and business teams. We strive to understand and then develop plans that specifically address management objectives, technology requirements, and use case scenarios of business users. We adhere to the general principles and practices of the Project Management Book of Knowledge. We improve and adapt our methods to align with customer preferences and requirements, subject to an overarching project management framework that ensures projects are initiated, managed, and completed in ways that produce successful outcomes as defined by our customer.

About Us

We are a U.S. owned and U.S. based software development and professional services firm. We provide all of our services on-shore from our main office location in Amherst NY.

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