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We help our customers deploy tailored, large scale or complex information System of Record solutions over the web so they can benefit by implementing customer self-serve models of doing work, by automating processes, by integrating with other internal and external systems, and by positioning their business information to be easily accessible to a multi-site or mobile workforce; and to do so in highly regulated environments where security and other operating standards are rigorously defined and enforced.

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...And Information Technology Teams

We support the technology teams who support their Line of Business Partners with technical and subject matter expertise along with software tools to automate and integrate core processes and data. Technology Teams use our platform to configure, deploy and support scale operations and businesses having strict change control requirements. We provide them with custom technical services to help them effectively manage large scale or highly complex business models.

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We are a U.S. owned and U.S. based software development and professional services firm. We provide all of our services on-shore from our main office location in Amherst NY.

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